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Barbara Greene
Corridor Artist

"The Lords" by Barbara Greene, 1979

Barbara Greene in Columbia during Eclipse, early 70's
- Picture compliments of Nick Medvecky-


(As of 2014, Barbara (Mann) Greene has been producing fabulous artwork and exhibiting at galleries. Barbara also has a very active FaceBook page where you can see her work, if you have an account.
Note by admin )

From: Mike Twamley Jan 11th, 2010

I just spoke with Barbara this afternoon and she's doing well. She had a very rough week last week but she's come through. It looks like she may be discharged in the next 2 days to a recovery facility for about 5 days and then she'll be headed home to complete her recovery.

Her prognosis is good. The doctors told her they think they got it all and that it didn't look like the cancer had spread. She may not need chemo and will find out in the next few days. She's in great spirits and I read her the comments from the forum. She got a real kick out of hearing her old friends names again and was so touched when she heard all of the wonderful things people were's a real boost for her.

I'll keep you posted as things progress.

From: Mike Twamley  Jan 6th, 2010

Hi Stephen,

I'm sending this email on behalf of Barbara.

I read your email to her and she was really touched by your kind words and moved to hear she has made such an impression. She spoke highly of you and your work.

She asked me to let you know about her current situation. Barbara is in the St. Joseph's Health Centre in Toronto, Ontario recovering from an operation. She has lung cancer and had an operation on January 4 to remove the tumor. I saw Barbara last night and spoke with her today, she is in good spirits, a lot of pain, but doing well.

Barbara is a fantastic artist and has wonderful energy. She's just a bundle of creativity and is always on the go with some project or another. Life has been tough for her and I'm sure she's definitely seen better days. All that said, Barb keeps moving forward and tries to keep a positive outlook.

Barbara had lined up an exhibit at a local gallery for the end of January. Given her current condition, myself and a colleague are looking into making this happen for her while she's incapacitated. Once I have details I will forward them to you for posting on the Corridor Tribe website.

Please feel free to share with her CT friends the above information. I will keep you posted as to how things are progressing. In the meantime, if anyone wanted to send cards or letters, she is expected to be at St. Joseph's until January 11th at the least and will then move to a rehabilitation facility for further recovery.

The address of St. Joseph's is:
St. Joseph's Health Centre
Attn: Barbara Mann
3M 14, bed 2
30 The Queensway
Toronto, Ontario
M6R 1B5
Phone: 1416 5306000  punch: 1  Bed: 2077


Stephen Goodfellow remembers:

I arrived in the Corridor in 1975, ready to go for my Masters at Wayne State University. My head was full of those silly little voices, so-called instructors from my art student days in Hull in the North of England.
To many of them - with notable exceptions - painting was something to be avoided. The conceptualist rave was hot, and anybody using a paintbrush was to be ostracized.
Of course, I had messed around with the human figure. My foundation course was fairly rigorous, so I has some decent underpinnings. However, in my BFA course, I could only paint figures furtively, at home so as to avoid the endless verbal diarrhea of the conceptualist staff.
By the time I got to the Corridor, I was secretive and confused about my including humans in my paintings.

This all changed overnight when I happened to chance across a show which included Barbara Greene's fantastic imagery. There are not many times in an artists career there one can place ones finger on a single defining moment. For me, it was Barbara Greene's artwork. Put simply, it set me free.
It is with great pleasure that I later had the opportunity to exhibit in a show with her.

Barbara left Detroit sometime in the early 80's. Until today I did not know what became of her.

Discus Barbara Greene here.