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Alvin's Bar rides again!
Newly reopened

One of the great watering-holes of the Cass Corridor, Alvin's opens its doors once again under a new owner. Dennis Pruss, who clued me in to this great news went over and snapped some pictures, said the owner, "John" seemed like a really nice guy.

The esteemed establishment has shifted through many manifestations since the early 70's with several highlights and slumps, transforming itself from "Alvin's" into the Alvin's Twilight Bar in the early 80's
Since the turn of the millennia the quality of the Alvin's experience hit a historic low, and many folks wrote it off as an establishment that had seen its best days. 
However, as you can see by the following photographs, the place definitely has the potential to be placed back on the map. Hopefully, folks will drop by and get the feel for the place.

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