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11/19/07 - Pat "The Rat" Halley passes away
The Great Troubadour of the Cass Corridor

Patrick Halley


Roy Castleberry and Dave Opatik, taken by Tom Karsiotis 1972

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Here is a selection of pictures taken at the New Miami by Dennis Pruss

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Check out these great photos, sent by Dennis Pruss, taken by Elizabeth (Bonnie) Bovee. Cindy Laverty playing solo-and with the Vibes (Cindy Laverty-John Kearney-Bill Landliss-Dave Chambers-Bill Vreeland)

Click for more pictures of Bobby McDonald by Dennis Pruss
More pictures of Bobby McDonald - Pictures by Dennis Pruss

Letter from Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala
Corridorites open a Bed & Breakfast in Atitlan
Katie at the Nahuala Fiesta, Atitlan
Katie at the Nahuala Fiesta, Atitlan

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Roy Castleberry standing on the sidewalk outside of the Focus Gallery on Beaubien in 1982 with his arm around a hitch hiking self-portrait of Jim Pallas.  The plywood hitch hiker was used as a sidewalk sign for a self-portrait show

" Think where man's glory most begins and ends, And say my glory was I had such friends"

William Butler Yeats

Steve Stewart's article, "Old Detroit" March 2007


Alvins, 2007 - could use a face-lift about now



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