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Verne's Tribe 1966-69

Back in 1966, I spent many many hours per week there as a "regular", hanging out with Bobby MacDonald, Nancy Street, Bill Boswell, Bert Driscoll, Charles Hill, Sharvey, and so many other seasoned Detroiters. That is when Bobby formed his trio. We would leave the bar at 3 in the morning, when this old guy named Sunshine would literally sweep us out of there. Then we would go to HoHo's for Chinese food until 4"30 am. Then I would go home, take a shower and be at work by 8am. This was my routine until I met Charlie in 1969.

Bobbi Gorevitz


Members of the Verne's Tribe:
  • Bobby MacDonald
  • Roberta Gorevitz
  • Nancy Street
  • Bill Boswell
  • Bert Driscoll
  • Charles Hill
  • Sharvey
  • More?