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Unitarian Tribe 1975 - present

The Unitarian Church on Cass has hired folks to supervise the church for as long as I have been in the Corridor. What gives this group cohesiveness is possibly due to the churches policy of offering living space to it's supers. I'm sure this in itself is a factor for the evolution of this tribe, but without doubt it is mainly due to the extraordinary individuals who have taken up the broom in this establishment. One coherent sub-tribe that springs to mind, is the "Don't Look Now Jug Band," the core of it's members being associated with this tribe.

David Lee says:
Olivier Lavergne lived at the church for about three- four years got his PhD in Chem and moved back to France - played in the jug band

Susan Kramer says:
I interviewed & brought Marianne (Knoll) Angilini in who then met James Knoll. I encourage Marianne to move in because I was the only woman living at the co-op at the time. Wanted to balance out the testosterone.
Not only did I live, work & grow up at the UU but Lowell and I married in the church there too.


George Kirby says:

This tribe was founded by Tim Lipinski.
The original members were:

  • Tim & Carol Lipinski

  • Fred Coonce

  • Mike Strobbe

  • James Knoll

The second group added:

  • Bob and Darlene Gallager

  • Rich and Linda (Manetz) Morris

  • Mike Manetz

  • Bobby Michaelson

  • John Henry

3rd wave:

  • Tim,

  • Mike

  • Carol

  • Rich&Linda

  • Dave Grodecki (brother of the future Jill Lipinski)

  • George (H) Kerby

When Rich, Linda and I moved to Ferndale, we were replaced by the "classic" lineup with:

  • Tim Knoll

  • Susan Kramer

  • Mary Ann Angilini (James & Jasmine)

  • return of James Knoll

  • Ralph Koziarski

  • Wayne Morsczyzna

  • Sally Shemanski

  • Maryanne

  • Larry Gabriel

  • Terry Youk

  • David Lee

  • Olivier Lavergne

  • Ron Kopak

  • Donny Kirkland

  • Richard 'Ricardo' Richards addition to perennial members Tim Lipinski, Jill Lipinski, Carol Lipinski, Mike Manetz, Dave Grodecki, Eric and Sally Moir

Honorary Tribe members: Erica and Katherine Mercer --- though neither lived there, they were the only actual parishioners who were allowed into our "inner sanctum" while I was there.