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The Truckers
Radical Book Distributors

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Trucker Party, June 26th, 2004
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These guys and gals ran the "Big Rapids Book Distribution Company".
In it's heyday, it was one of the most successful Corridor Tribe money-making enterprises. A visit to their distribution center would give you the impression that the place was run by a load of hippies, which for the most part was indeed true.

I'm waiting for someone (Suzie Kwant?) to write an intro to this site, but in the meantime...

I got to know of the Truckers through Doug Larkins. We lived at the Colorado Street Coop, and for a while Doug worked with the Truckers.
They were a pretty interesting bunch, books flying around the warehouse as they packed their vehicles for book distribution.
Many stories and legends swirl around this intrepid lot and I'm looking forward to see what these tribe members have to say.

Suzie Kwant is attempting to put together a reunion for July 2004, so we ought to see some impressive documentation coming up over the next few months. If you are a tribe member, log in so Suzie can get in touch with you.

Tribe members: