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The Decanter Bar - Late 60's
Cass and Palmer, was a microcosm of society

Fred Glick says:
The Decanter, a bar formerly at Cass and Palmer, was a microcosm of society. I discovered it in the late sixties. Everyone came through there; students, hustlers (pool and otherwise), faculty, pimps, prostitutes, party animals, intellectuals, artists, crazies from the Palmwood – everyone. It was owned by Mike Dyke senior.

Tribe members:

  • Fred Glick 
  • Bill Antonow
  • Judie Glick (Davis) 
  • Ellen Phelan
  • Wes  from Wayne 
  • Johnny Simms
  • Charlie Brown 
  • Eddie from the Palmwood
  • Johnny Green  
  • Berry Gordy
  • Pam  Conrad
  • Lynn (Pam’s friend) 
  • Ron Langlois
  • Mel Maddox (deceased)
  • Robin Summer
  • Alvin Stillman
  • Carol, Rhonda and Jean
  • Linda Liggett
  • Heikke Kansa
  • Don Jobes
  • Claire Jobe
  • Jimmy Toes
  • Sheila (Jimmy’s cousin)
  • Sharkey (deceased)
  • Boswell
  • Bradley Jones (deceased)
  • Edmond (the vibes player)
  • Frankey (receptionist at the Palmwood)
  • Snaggletooth (pool hustler)
  • John Sevard
  • Linda Sevard
  • Carlos
  • Ronny from the Palmwood
  • Jim Candy
  • Kenny Crawford
  • Mel Meltzer
  • Katie
  • Ken Blakesley
  • Erin
  • Rodriguez
  • Lance
  • Zubin (sculptor, spelling might be wrong )

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