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Skippers Stray Dog Saloon
Major artist hang-out in the 1980's

Although located further downtown, South of the Corridor, Skip Rasburry's "Stray Dog Saloon" was for a time one of the chief watering holes for the Cass Corridor's local artists. Skip is truly one of the Detroit's great cultural patrons. Artists created murals on his walls, musicians performed.
Skipper's place exuded a wild, exciting atmosphere. It was a good place to hang
Suffering from burnout and diminishing customers, Skipper closed the place in 1992.

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Skipper's tribe:

  • Skip Rasburry - owner

  • Marvin Rieli

  • Sandy Zenisek

  • Jerome Ferretti

  • Stephen Goodfellow

  • Susan Sands

  • Carol Baker

  • Robert Hyde

  • Beth Hyde

  • Bill Clarence

  • Carl Lee

  • Chuck Owens

  • Ramona Williams

  • Claudia Steier

  • Gary Grimshaw

  • Dennis Preuss

  • Diana Alva

  • DougHammon

  • MikeVanDeMark

  • More to come...