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MOO Duk Kwan Tribe
Late 1960's - early 70's
Mu Duk Kwan practice
Mu Duk Kwan: Jim Expose in air Jim Joredan

The Mu Duk Kwan tribe trained in the gym of Old Main on the WSU campus. Hundreds of students, political people, artists and musicians trained in this venue. Fifth Estate folks, SDS (later, Weather men) and even local people were members. The class was led by Kim Jae Joon, and the class was co-taught by Douglas Larkins and his friend Jim Expose. Doug states that Mr. Expose was the finest practicioner of the art, and the most creative thinker he ever met. Kim referred to Jim as "My Saint".
After class, sweat encrusted, mant of us would go to Cobb's Bar and ruin the benefits of our hard practice with beer. A few students had earned black belts (actually, blue in Korean Karate.)
In class, Doug was referred to as "Mr. Larkins". Upon clapping hands, students would cease sparring, came to attention, lined up according to rank and bowed. Outside the class, everyone was equal and friends.

Here is a list of some of the members:

  • Doug Larkins
  • Jim Expose
  • Jim Jordan
  • Barbara Klont
  • Richard Hirineisen
  • Larry Larkins
  • Millard Berry
  • David Riddle
  • Peter Werbe
  • Ellis Boal
  • Cindy Felong
  • Judy Kovac
  • Chuck Montgomery
  • Mark Gold


Mu Duk Kwan: Mark Gold, Douglas Larkins

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Pictures contributed by Douglas Larkins