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Michigan Gallery Tribe, 1971 - 97

Although on the geographical outskirts of the Corridor, the Michigan Gallery had a profound impact on artists in the Corridor scene. Unique, in that it was truly a space where folks who were not necessarily part of the elite art crowd could come out of the cold and be first-time exhibitors, many times with brilliant results. 
Brainchild of the owner Carl Kamulski and Diana Alva many shows were curated by individuals who were doing it for the first time, making mistakes - but also making great insightful leaps resulting in outrageously wonderful exhibitions.
The bar at the Michigan Gallery was THE watering whole for many artists, especially during the years 1983-93.
When it closed it's doors, the Zeitgeist Gallery moved into residence.

Here's a list of Michigan Gallery directors and curators:

Here is a list of some shows and dates:

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  "Non Serviam" Exhibition

Here is a list of people who may be considered tribal members:


Here is a list of rememberences: