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Ken's Lounge, 1960's

Sometime in the 60's The Miami became Kens Lounge, not a classy or a nice place.
The back room that later became the music area was originally a house. When Cass became commercial, a storefront was built onto the front. Many other corridor buildings were like this, including HoHo's on 2nd. Anyway, the house part burned down.
The ruble was dumped into the basement and a flat roof was put on top of the surviving exterior walls. This was a separate space and at one time a machine shop operated there. Most likely from the 50s on it was vacant.
Ken was a very sleazy guy and his bar attracted a bad crowd. Many of the people who hung out at The West Detroiter on Woodward and The Golden Ducat on 3rd were also regulars there. There were several violent murders in Ken's. When I went in to check it out in 1976 to see what I might be in for the barmaids were turning tricks on mattresses laid out on the old machine shop floor in back. While I was there a pimp came in and dragged one of the girls out from behind the bar and beat her up, much to the delight of the crowd.

Michael Roper

Here are some of the Ken's Lounge Members (60's):

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