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Miami Tribe
"John E. Hett remembers"

As Tribes go, I think I fit very nicely into the Miami Tribe. While I was not a Vet, I was born in 1963, the Miami was the hub of my creative wheel in the Detroit music scene. CIA has always considered The Miami (The Old Miami) its home base bar. It was a place that felt the most comfortable for us and from late 1982 until last October The Miami has always been our bar of choice.
  I remember once in late  1985 Dan Overstreet and I were settling up after a gig and he paid me the greatest compliment I ever received while in CIA. He said, "John, because of CIA, and two or three other bands I was able to pay off my land contract long before it was due. You guys really helped me out by playing here."
  Danny didn't have to tell me that, but it really made me feel a sense of belonging to the community. We had contributed with our music but more importantly we helped a Veteran and someone committed to new talent, establish a place for musicians to practice their craft free from the pressures and the realities of the club scene.
  The Chapter Nine Post  was the only charity we regularly played for and we did it for Dan and the men who came back damaged. Many of whom settled in the Corridor. (I remember Crash's Agent Orange scars from surgery and am scared now myself by the horrors of an unjust " WAR")
  I was a regular the last few years at Cobb's Corner, Private Angst played there often and did great punk covers. I ate at Alvin's always as a student at Wayne State. And when I couldn't find an apartment on Ferry or Willis to my liking , I grudgingly moved up to Palmer Park. And shall I mention the parties on Prentis?
I suppose The Miami was my home in the Corridor and still is. Danny always welcomes me and I still feel a sense of pride that in a small way, we, CIA helped demystify the Corridor to our many fans from 1982-1988. I would be happy to contribute under the Miami Tribe. Besides, it was at the Miami that I first met and saw my third favorite local band- The Layabouts!

John E. Hett