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Layabout Tribe 1965-present
*See also: Layabouts on MySpace and Layabout website

 Possibly the oldest intact tribe, some of its members having been around the corridor since the early 60's. I chose the name 'Layabout Tribe' to describe a close affiliation of friends who would like to see authoritarian institutions to just go away and who at least subscribe to the notion of eschewing working for the Man - hence the name 'Layabout Tribe'.  Not so incidentally, there is a local band of the same name. Many of the names below appear in other tribes, again an example of the amazing cross-pollination of the Cass Corridor. This tribe also includes the Tribes and sub-tribes: Fifth Estate, Easy Space, Duck Club, Freezer Theater.

1981 - Mel Rosas, Stephen Goodfellow, Alan Franklin, Lowell Boileau, Ralph Franklin
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Courtesy of  Lowell Boileau

"Furry Franklins" at The Songshop, late 1970's

Peter Werbe, 1981
Peter Werbe - A tribal elder