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Freezer Theater 1979-83?
Freeer Theater flyer

I wonder if you remember the Freezer Theater or the Monsterslayers?
Freddie Ginns and Jesse Nowells were original musicians in the
Monsterslayers who formed about the same time as the Layabouts.
We played a lot of the anti-Republican conventionstuff.
Ishmael Ahmed organized a lot of ROck against Racism for us back then.
Syvia Inwood was part of the Monsterslayers as well. Mel Krugel was the
original singer and principle songwriter. Definitely in the Fourth Street
Tribe and the alternative school tribe (Ralph Renaldi would know).

Also, I'd done plenty of poetry readings with Jim Wanless, Glenn Mannito,
Jim Ackinson (orginal Retro singer), Dennis Teichmann (married to Deb King)
and George Tysh.

Jere Stormer

Yeah - I remember the Freezer Theater very well. I saw a LOT of really good plays, bands during its existence. Consequently, I've placed this tribe on the site. Please - any information, photos, flyers, histories are welcome!


I spent most of my 20's and 30's in the Cass Corridor and was involved with the Freezer theatre.
Pat Haley and John Sase were driving forces behind the Freezer, and the original theatre was located on 2nd or 3rd Street (my memory fails me) next to a liquor store.
The first theatre was a small dank, dark place that had once been used as a freezer for the store (thus the name). At some point, the theatre moved onto Cass Ave. Pat Haley wrote most of the plays, but other talented people contributed plays and scripts. Unfortunately, I can't remember any names, except Bob and Mary (Dryovage) Carasik who, last I heard, were still living here in San Francisco. Probably the most famous production was a satire on the Jonestown mass suicide (when Jim Jones and cult members committed suicide - or were forced to kill themselves- by drinking poisoned kool aid). At the end of the play, we offered kool aid to the audience, but few availed themselves of the free refreshment. Another great piece was the one in which Pat led the audience through the alleys of the corridor, with actors popping out up from behind trees and trash bins.
The Freezer was presaged by the Easy Space Theatre, another loosely knit group who put on political satires in a Southwest Detroit storefront. Judy Coletti, Richard Ades and Gordon Barry were instrumental in that group.
Again, a lot of talented people involved but the only names I can remember are Angela DiSante and a man named Hughthir White.
A lot of good theatre was also happening at the HoHo Inn, the old Chinese restaurant that became the Grinning Duck Club - a performance space for music and political theatre. The Club put on a great show when the Republican convention was held in Detroit. The club eventually moved to the old Willis Show Bar. I think Alan and Ralph Franklin were instrumental in organizing the Grinning Duck Club. Working with theatre groups in the Corridor was great.

It was political, creative and fun - what more could a gal ask for?

Diane Polish


  • Mel Krugel

  • John Sase

  • Pat Haley

  • Jere Stormer

  • Tom Campbell

  • Bob Maier

  • Jane Wicke

  • Bob Auerbach

  • Marilyn Gilbert

  • Hughthir White

  • Diane Polish

  • Sylvia Inwood

  • Jim Wanless

  • Jim Ackinson

  • Bob and Mary (Dryovage) Carasik

  • Charlie Riess

  • Others?





Here are a couple of flyers given to me compliments of Frank Smitka:

Flyer for the Buzzards, Freezer Theater Cir. 1980

Flyer for the Buzzards, Freezer Theater Cir. 1980