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Food Co-op Tribe * 1969 - 2001
Food for the Corridor

Corner of Cass & Willis, formerly the site of Cobb's Corner Bar, became home to the Cass Corridor Food Co-op, until 2001 - which is now situated at 456 Charlotte.

June 23rd, 1970 - Fred the Poet, Diane Klimas, Shara Peets

Photo by Al Kamuda

These folks have supplied the Corridor with healthy produce since the late sixties, their location changing several times during their long history.
Does anyone have information on this tribe?

Loosely associated - Open City people serving free food at 70's Goose Lake Music Festival

Photo by Al Kamuda

Open City serving  free food at 70's Goose Lake Music Festival 
Penny Wilmot and June Gooden prepare food

Photo by Al Kamuda

Nick Medvechy stirs oatmeal

Photo by Al Kamuda

Here is a partial list of the Cass Corridor Food Coop Tribe:

From 1971-1975: