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Farwell Studios 1974 - 77?
Artists in the Farwell Building

Although not strictly in the Cass Corridor, The Farwell building which is located on Griswold at Grand River,  was home to a lot of Detroit artists, most of which were associated with what could be termed the Corridor Tribe. Consequently, it seems appropriate that this location ought to be represented here.

Members of this tribe:

  • Mike Bobo
  • Jim Nuttal
  • Alton McLain
  • Lee Somerville
  • Yolanda Sharpe
  • Kurt Novak 
  • Gary Mayer
  • Dan Cichelli
  • Paul Feinberg
  • Mary Sobiechowski
  • Mary Musinsky
  • Chris Hughes
  • Thor Hilldale
  • Leonard Hilldale
  • Barbara Greene
  • Jon Strand
  • Winnie Schutte
  • Bill Stroble
  • Lesley Vinson
  • Alan Harvey
  • Sherry Hendrick
  • Paul Feinberg
  • Mary Sobechowsky
  • Yolanda Sharpe
  • Other members?