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Easy Space Theater
Political Theater 197? - 7?

Easy Space Theatre, another loosely knit group who put on political satires in a Southwest Detroit storefront. Judy Coletti, Richard Ades and Gordon Barry were instrumental in that group.
Again, a lot of talented people involved but the only names I can remember are Angela DiSante and a man named Hughthir White.
A lot of good theatre was also happening at the HoHo Inn, the old Chinese restaurant that became the Grinning Duck Club - a performance space for music and political theatre. The Club put on a great show when the Republican convention was held in Detroit. The club eventually moved to the old Willis Show Bar. I think Alan and Ralph Franklin were instrumental in organizing the Grinning Duck Club. Working with theatre groups in the Corridor was great.

It was political, creative and fun - what more could a gal ask for?

Diane Polish


  • Judy Coletti

  • Richard Ades

  • Gordon Barry

  • Angela DiSante

  • Hughthir White

  • Diane Polish

  • Lorraine Perlman

  • More?