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Common Ground I & 2, 1962? - 1985?
Artist Studio in the Corridor

Common Ground #3 1962? - 1978?
The Building used to be a Purple Gang garage in the '30's

Common Ground #4, 1978 - 1983? - Picture 2002

By Connie Tucker (Via Discussion) on Tuesday, May 13, 2003 - 11:39 am:


My name was Connie Grimm back in the days. I lived on Prentis, in the Renaud, and on Seward, Fourth St. and Trumbull between 1966 and 1972.
I'm in contact with Arthur Wenk as we became partners around 1970. We've been talking about the Common Ground and have some corrections and additions to the info here. Prior to our meeting Arthur was a member of the CG tho by that time he had moved his studio to his house on Trumbull and Willis. (At that time Clark and Benita Christie and Robin and Sherry Summers lived there too with their kids Kai & Wolf and Culley & Jess.) He says that the photo you show as CG #1 is actually CG #3. CG #1 was prior to his joining but we think it was located somewhere north of W. Grand Blvd. CG #2 was located in the Racine Foundry on Warren Ave. (or maybe Forest) closer to Gratiot than to Woodward. The building was owned by Judge John C. Emery. Then the CG was moved to Cass Ave. making this CG #3. The best person for information about CG's #1 & #2 would be George Rodgers. Members Arthur can remember at #2 included Al Hebert, Stanley Dolega, Jerry Horn, Arthur Wenk and Al Lovings. Other members of CG #3 included Al Hebert, Stanley Dolega, Bradley Jones, Aris Katroulis, Michael Frantz, Alden Smith, Arthur Wenk, Ed Morierity, George Ettel, and Steve Faust. Michael Luchs took over Arthur's space when he moved to Trumbull. There were some others including some women but we haven't come up with names as yet.
Also, I haven't seen any mention of the house on Second located directly behind Old Main. There were annual barbeques there that attracted hundreds of people and, I believe the precursor to the current Dally in the Alley.
Shadowfax and Mitch Ryder would play. Tons of ribs and corn were barbequed in the yard out back. I remember the University cops pulling up in the alley and getting plates of food. T-shirts were printed for some of the parties. Two I remember we titled "Bo's Rib Roadies" and the "Sammy Memorial Barbeque". Sammy was the house cat that sought warmth one winter under the hood of a parked car and met an untimely death in an encounter with the car fan. I've seen photos of people massed on the front steps wearing the T's. Don't know who might have the photos - maybe Cathy Demay or Spence.

Also, no mention of the Boarding House which was located above storefronts on Woodward north of the Blvd. in Higland Park. Many spagetti dinners and long nights of hillarity around the kitchen table there. Jerry Hunt, Dayton Spence and Bob Bowman were in residence. Maybe Bob Hewitt as well.

Other names that arise include Mike Knight, Mike Dyke, Lynn Farbota, Little Kay (who married Stanley Mouse), Andre Codrescu, Deborah Foster (we shared a flat on Fourth with Diane Livingston), Jackie Dunning, Ann Derrick, Jim Chatlain, Karen Detert, Diane Assetti, Dan O'Neill, Cookin' Billy, Ken & Ann Mickalowski, Archie Anderson.
Also, to Theresa: I don't think we knowingly met but Leslie Heimstadt often mentions you when we speak. I got to know Barbara Chover in SF thru her tho Barbara actually grew up 2 blocks from me on the eastside. I'm living here in the Detroit area just now.

So, some new info to chew on.

Peace, Connie

Common Ground # 1 located somewhere north of W. Grand Blvd?
Some of the members of Common Ground #2 were:

CG #2 was located in the Racine Foundry on Warren Ave.
Some of the members of Common Ground #2 were:

  • Al Hebert
  • Arthur Wenk
  • Jerry Horn
  • Stanley Dolega
  • Al Lovings
  • Were you here?



 CG #3, located West side of Cass Ave (See top picture), near the corner of Willis from 1962? until 1987?
Some of the members of Common Ground #3 were:

  • Steve Faust
  • Stanley Dolega
  • Al Hebert
  • Bradley Jones
  • Aris Katroulis
  • Michael Luchs
  • Michael Frantz
  • Alden Smith
  • Arthur Wenk
  • Ed Morierity
  • George Ettel
  • Were you here?


CG#4 was on 2nd (See picture), to near the corner of Antoinette.
Some of the members of Common Ground #4 were: