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Cobb's Corner Tribe
Stephen Goodfellow remembers Henry Normile

Yeah, Dave - I remember that terrible day with great clarity. I was driving down Cass with Ralph Koziarski on our way to the Cass City Cinema to see the Australian movie, "Walkabout".
Henry's cocaine dealings were common knowledge to those in the know - and some who weren't supposed to be. As we drove by Cobb's Corner Bar that day, the traffic was heavy.
I don't know why - it just popped out of my mouth - but I commented to Ralph that Henry had better watch it, or he'd get his head blown off.
If only one could retract words spoken. When we were driving back from the movie, the whole Willis/Cass corner was lit up by flashing lights.
Henry was dead.
Henry was directly responsible for my being able to exhibit my first one-man show. I enjoyed his company; he was lively and intelligent. I was really sorry to see him go like this.

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