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Cobb's Corner Tribe
David Snow remembers

Quite a blast, I worked at Cobbs as the cleanup guy for probably 6 months when Bob Cobb owned the joint and George Rupert was doing all the work of running it. Al Saperstein and others behind the stick, (Laura?) Great nights after Willis shows, and I met and got to be close to a lot of people there including George and the guys from Shadowfax who put me to work for them working the door. A lot of the Willis artists were 5-10 years older and some were very generous with their support. In particular Bradley Jones, Jerry Hunt and Dayton Spence, Brenda Goodman John Egner, Michael Luchs and Kathey Brackett (Luchs) and my teacher at WSU briefly, Jim Nawara. I might have given up more than once without the encouragement.
This was 1975 until maybe 78 or 79 when I quit working for paperbacks unlimited and went to work for George Korinek when he bought into Alvins with Barney Surowitz. Slept on the pool table on more than one occassion...Good times?
The last night I was in Cobbs was years later after visiting Henry Normile (my old pal and co-worker from Vernes) next door in his apartment. I was with George Korinek and the Jazz great Ron English was there too. Memorable also because the owner Henry Normile was murdered the next night.
I never went back to the bar.
When Bob Cobb had the bar the music and vibes were great , of course it was before cocaine made alot of people stupid, and eventually dead. I made friendships there that I have to this day, and I'm glad to have been there.