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David Homicz

David Homicz, poet. Founding member, Artists Workshop. Founding member, Family Dog. David's truck was the first official vehicle of the Family Dog and David's dog, Sancho, was the original Family Dog.
David moved to the mountains near Garberville, California in 1971 and slowly became ill with paranoid schizophrenia. He now roams the streets and countryside of Garberville, homeless and resisting treatment.
This is a poem of David's from his unpublished manuscript of collected works:


When living so far inland
Wise men unwisely wander
Onto the top deck of my mind
Pondering yonder they say
"A sailor's a fool
Living so far inland"
And to the wise men's hearts I say
"I want to point the way
To that golden sea
That breathes lovelife
Beyond the stretching shores
Of space and time"
Before they off and drift away
The wise men unwisely say
"A salty dog isn't as good a mate
As an angel from inner space"
I stand and dust off my heart
And walk a little farther inland
And so my friend
Whenever you see me wandering
Somewhere before you
Know that the bar is always open
And there's always someone
Getting high in the back room

David Homicz


Information Contributed by Richard Tobias