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Artist Guild of Detroit 1975 - 1981
- Was Located on 2nd and Grand Blvd. -

I was an ambitious young artist, fresh out of WSU. I had to exhibit, but where? Who would exhibit a young nobody upstart?
Through Christopher King I heard that the Artists Guild of Detroit was in crisis and was looking for direction - and for a director.
I went to their stormy - and exciting - meeting and ended up walking out of the room as the new director, Ed Fella grinning at me like a badger. At least he knew what I'd let myself in for.

My one year tenure as director was a lot of fun. It introduced me to the art world and I got to show some artists I really respected.

The Artist Guild of Detroit - like so many other buildings - was pulled down around 1981. At least a park was built on the site. The organization struggled on a couple of more years out of a shoebox in Marilyn Maday's house (Now Marilyn Tsuchia.) 
Marilyn was the gallery's last director.



Here are some of the tribe members:


  • Roger Olkowski



Here are some of the shows and exhibitions: