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Alternative School Tribe 1971 - 1979
Detroit Children's School

Detroit Children's School Building, 2002

Detroit Children's School Building, corner of Fourth Street, 2001

Here are some of the members of this tribe:


Colette Govan writes 03/01/2015:
There was the sort of elementary grp. or younger kids, including pre-schoolers and then the high school.  Judy?, Ralph Rinaldi and myself, Colette Govan worked with the 4-6 yr. olds in a team teaching situation when the school was still in an old church building in the area. Yep, Sue Kidd was there and a few other women who had kids in the school-names escape me.  This must have been in the early 70's.  I heard later it burned down.  Monica Spangler? was the admin. person and Gary ? the custodian.  We all made $50 a week, which covered our rent for a month.  Ralph Koziarsky worked with the really young kids downstairs. Tony Bitonti was working upstairs with the high school kids.

Here are some pictures:

Mel Krugel 1975

Ralph Rinaldi with book

All Pictures by Ralph Rinaldi -