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45 Colorado Co-op 1971-
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Peppered throughout the city were the rentals and communes that Corridor Tribe members hang out in. These folks stalked the Corridor during day and night, but retired to outer fringes when it came to taking a break. I had the fortune of living in such a location, commonly referred to as the Colorado Commune. Located at 45 Colorado, it was initially a rental until the early 1980's, then it was purchased by one of the commune members, Lowell Boileau. It remained a commune until 1978, then the last member - that would be me - left to live on Forrest in the Corridor. Lowell married and lived in the house with his wife Susan Kramer and their son, Nicholas Boileau until 2000, when they moved to Farmington.

Colorado Commune, Salad Days - Striped T-Shirt, Bill Hodgson, In front of him, Lowell Boileau. Sitting by table, artist Jack Ward. Poet Doug Larkins, to the right, perhaps Bernadette Marashevski? - Last name now Groppuso. Sorry - don't know the other folk.

Susan Kramer writes:

 I moved in then married. During Nic's babyhood we invited Caroline Thackera to live with us when we where 2 broke painters & she needed a place to land after her divorce from Pooch. The last real coop member was ..... Laurenn Roland if you really want to be precise. Your memory ends when you went to NYC but the coop living at 45 Colorado did not. We also hosted house guests from Germany, France, England, Swaziland and Sweden just to name a few. Film crews from Germany lived in the house. I remember one night when Dieter Marcello was reading 'toddler' Nic his bed time story. The German speaking Marcello was reading a book written in French and translating it into English for Nic. 45 Colorado was more than a coop it was a melting pot and landing strip for the likes of the European Left. From noted author Alexander Cockburn, film maker Dieter Marcello, countless students from Swaziland just off the top of my head. I am sure you have many more artists & musicians to add to this list of short & long time visitors.

1972 - 1978 Members:

  • Lowell Boileau
  • Carol Septak
  • Bob Beckowitz
  • Dennis Pruss
  • Larry Abdulla
  • Peggy Feinman
  • Kathy Kauflin
  • Arthur Dale
  • Jack Ward
  • Doug Larkins
  • Stephen Goodfellow 1975 - 1983
  • Maria Miller

Lowell bought 45 Colorado in 1978, but the spirit still lived on:

  • Stephen Goodfellow
  • Christopher King
  • Karen Schnabel
  • Alan Franklin
  • Lorrie LaPain
  • Ed Stuart
  • Bernadette (Marachevski?)
  • Tina Dyc
  • Jan Dean
  • Susan Kramer - Lowell's wife
  • Caroline Thackara
  • Laurenn Rowland
  • Nicholas Boileau - Lowell's son