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Toney Philpot

I met Tony around 1980 or 81, introduced by a friend who was working at one of the first computer stores in the area. Tony had been hanging around there, learning about the new technology- something that always fascinated him. A few years later I was living across the street from him, and for close to a decade we, and a small group of friends, breakfasted together every Sunday at Cappy's in the Park Shelton. Afterwards we'd often retire to my front porch and sit around reading, talking, and listening to music.

Around 18 years ago I left the Corridor, but I still saw Tony regularly, either at Cappy's, or when he'd drop by my house if he was doing work in the neighborhood. I occasionally hired him to help me with some home projects that were beyond my skill, too, like installing a staircase. When his car was stolen- I think that was in '04- I loaned him my old van, and some time later we worked out a deal where he did some painting for me in return for the van, so for a while I'd see him more regularly.

I think it was just a few days before he died, in May of '05, that I last saw him. I mentioned that he looked a little pale, and he said that he hadn't been feeling terribly good lately. We sat around and talked for maybe an hour, and the conversation became increasingly reflective. He remarked that he was very conscious of the fact that he lived a life that was very much a product of the choices he made; he worked when he wanted to, didn't when he didn't, and that he had no regrets about any of it.

And that's what I'll always remember about him.

Michael Edelman