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Steve Morris

Pouring a drink at the Old Miami - d.2002

Someone called Suzanne says:
It should probably be noted that he passed away this year, 2002, especially since it was premature and he was a popular figure there. Also, someone should ask Julie for a photo of Baretta (sp). There can't be a discussion about the Old Miami that doesn't involve that lovable curmudgeon. Hell, he even dropped dead in there!

ahhh how i met steve...
i should add a bit for him eh?
he was tall and goofy and lovely..he always had the most curious look in his eyes. always looking one over with humour...
a nice humour though..
never a mean word from this fella's mouth.
he loved his cats. they fought constantly, would go ripping from one end of his apartment to the other.
he told funny jokes...(actually quite risque' but it was ok when he did it, cause he was steve)

incredibly his goofiness was set off with this curious seriousness..he really was a brilliant gentleman who painted one of my favorite pieces...
he is loved and remembered by many many people.
steve...we love you.
i cant think of someone else i would rather have watch over me...thank you for coming up north with me after my mamma passed away. thank you for breaking the mold of the typical "male"..i know i know, cheezy but true...
miss you bear.