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Sean Fitzgerald, 43, Musician,  passes away


11/24/08 - Sophia Raptis says:

I don't know if you had heard the sad news yet, but Sean Fitzgerald passed away last week. Details for the memorial show are below.

Subject: Sean Fitzgerald Tribute Show
Hello everyone -

We have lost a friend and a wonderful songwriter in Sean Fitzgerald.

Everyone who knew Sean surely has wonderful memories of him.

There is going to be a Tribute Show for Sean this Saturday, Nov. 29th at PJ's Lager House in Detroit. Sean had set up a gig there with Tone & Niche, Band B and Much Too Much for that date. It seems only fitting that we have the show there for that reason and because he loved PJ's so much. It is also fitting that we pay tribute to him with an open mic. night. Whether Sean was hosting or attending, he could be found at an open mic. any given night performing, going on about politics or promoting local music.

Sean cared about all of us so much, I wonder if he realized how much the local community cared for him.

Here's the details:
Sean Fitzgerald Tribute Open Mic. and Show
NOV. 29th @ PJ's Lager House in Detroit
Doors at 8 / Open mic. at 8:30
All Ages Welcome
No Cover

*There will be a box at the show to put cards and donations in to give to Sean's Father.

Following the open mic. Tone and Niche, Band B and Much too Much will perform as Sean had booked it. However, with all the e-mails and sign up requests I have received that might become a tentative thing.

If you would like to pay tribute to Sean with a song or a few words please e-mail

I am trying to keep things organized so everyone gets a chance to pay their due to Sean.

There will also be a picture slideshow and photo collage at sean's Tribute. If you have photos you would like added, please e-mail them to me, Anthony at or Matthew at Any questions feel free to call me at 586.354.4825.

One last thing - There will be a get together to hang out and remember Sean before the open mic from 5pm-8pm at the Gaelic League right near the Lager House. All are welcome to come out with food as long as drinks are purchased at the bar. The Galelic League is located at 2068 Michigan Ave. For more info e-mail

It has been a hard week on everyone. I think this will help bring some closure.

-Anthony Retka (Tone)

If you have any remembrances of Sean Fitsgerald you would wish to place on CorridorTribe, please place them here.