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Ron Winokur
d.2/25/2006 in Los Angeles

John Biklen
May 04, 2006
Ron Winokur was perhaps one of the most brilliant people I have ever known. I learned more about 20th century art and design from him than from any other source. He was generous with his knowledge and passionate in his opinions. I will miss his relentless energy and drive, as well as his wicked sense of humor.

Rod Harris
August 12, 2006
The Ron Winokur that I knew (for well over 20 years) was probably the most honorable person I have ever met.
We met in the early 80's when I offered Ron a collection of 19th century French paintings for what turned out to be a fraction of what they were worth (I was new to the art market back then). Instead of buying the paintings from me, Ron told me I was making a mistake, showed me what they were really worth and sent me to Christies in New York where I received twenty times what I had been asking.
At Ron's funeral I found out that I wasn't the only one he had done this for. From that time on he became one of my dearest friend.
Ron was a good man who believed in both God, country and his fellow man. He was generous to a fault, donating time and money to many a worthy cause. I'm proud to have known him and I will miss Ron Winokur until the day I die.

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