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Mike Neiswonger passes away
Distraught by Pat Halley's death

Dennis Rosenblum wrote:
Got a call tonight from Mike Neiswonger's wife, Linda, telling me that he died this morning at their home up north. Mike is an ex-Fifth Estater (and in the old truckers group, as I recall) and had been quite broken up about Pat Halley's death...

Mike emailed me about a week ago, and mentioned he had a fever. According to Linda tonight, the tiny hospital up there misdiagnosed him twice and kept him in quarantine as a TB patient for a couple days before finally taking a biopsy and finding him riddled with inoperable cancer. She said he finally just collapsed this morning and stopped breathing.

Linda says he wanted to be cremated and she was thinking of a memorial of some kind in spring.

Please pass along to anyone else who may have known him.

Linda's phone is 231-229-2060
Address: 9725 x400 N. 9 Mile Rd., Lake City, MI 49651

Only yesterday did I place Mike Neiswonger's remarks on Pat Halley - Strange World!