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Mick Vranich 1946-2010
Memorial Gathering
Trumbull Theater
4208 Trumbull Avenue, Detroit, Michigan
Sunday 4 April 2010 at 5 PM

Remembrances here...

All Pictures are compliments of Lowell Boileau

Bob Sestok

John Sinclair

Sterling Silver

Johnny Evens on Sax (Roger Robinson in background)



 "...I write with great sadness... Mick died peacefully at 9:00 tonight.  - Christine..."

Updates on Mick Vranich
Musician & Poet

Information alert:
02/24/10 - Frank Callis reports,
Mick underwent back surgery yesterday, to reinforce a couple of injured vertebrae. The surgeon reports that it went "better than anyone of us had reason to believe". A second surgery, to add the final pieces, is scheduled for Thursday. He is still somewhat sedated and hasn't been moved yet. A CAT scan revealed no abnormalities in his head, meaning that the swelling and bruising have subsided. Sherry appreciates the incredible energy she is feeling from the community and thanks everyone for the "mindblower" at the Old Miami Saturday night

02/17/10 - Frank Callis reports:
I just spoke with Sherry again. The surgery to stabilize his vertebrae did not happen when anticipated, but is expected later this week when all the necessary elements fall into place. In the meantime, his body has begun its own healing process and he is showing signs of improvement. He is still being held in a semi-conscious state to minimize his movements. As before, he will be moved to rehab once this next surgery takes place. He won't be able to receive visitors until a few days after his move. Everyone please remember the benefit for him Saturday night at the Old Miami.

For those unable to attend, donations can be made by writing a check to Mick Vranich
and sending it to:

Mick Vranich
c/o The Old Miami
3930 Cass
Detroit, MI 48201

02/11/10 - Frank Callis says: I spoke with Sherry a while ago.  Mick is semiconscious and stable but under morphine for pain and probably other sedation.  Surgery was performed to stabilize him Wednesday or Thursday.  There is no paralysis.  He is to undergo more surgery tomorrow to stabilize two cracked vertebrae in the middle of his back that could move later and affect his spinal cord.  She expects that he will be moved to the Rehabilitation Center in the later part of next week and might be able to receive visitors once he's there.  It sounds better than our worst expectations, but he's not out of the woods yet.

02/11/10  - Christine Monhollen reports: Mick Vranich was in a serious construction accident.  I believe he fell from some height, down stairs and maybe through a floor.  His condition is stable at Receiving Hospital (Detroit). I don't know the extent of his injuries but I've been told there has been brain surgery, broken bones and possibly, a broken neck.  Please pass the word to whoever should know, send love, prayers and good energy.

Mick Vranich - Alvins, 1982


Mick Vranich - Alvins, 1982

All Pictures by Ralph Rinaldi -