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Jim Atkinson dies 01/05/04
Apparent Suicide

There was a wake for Jim at the Sunrise Sunset Saloon in Grosse Pointe Park on 15222 Charlevoix on Saturday 1/17 at 5:00pm.
  • Jim was a resident of the Renaud/Touraine complex for a while, later Ameen Howrani's building and the Atlas Building in Eastern Market, before moving to Grosse Pointe.
  • lived in the Grosse Pointe "Cabbage Patch" for a number of years
  • Worked at Alvin's
  • Singer for the 70's-80's band "Retro", which included Dan Cicchelli, Martin Bandyke, Jerry Siclovan, Frank Callis, and later Ralph Valdez (also of WDET) - made two recordings with this band.
  • Jim wrote a number of books of poetry, including "Beneath the Brutes" and "Seduced and Abandoned"
  • Jim was also a competent sculptor.
  • He also designed ads for Alvins Twilight bar for a number of years.

There is a significant amount of eulogies for Jim on the discussion forum


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