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Diane Livingston
Diane Livingston, 1979
b.6/10/47 - d.1/18/2012

Dawn Livingston writes:

Diane Livingston died on 1/18/12
I'm sad to say that my older sister Diane Livingston died on January 18, 2012, most likely of a heart attack. She was 64. Diane majored in art at Wayne State in the 60's, and was active in the art & music scene.

After college, Diane took off for San Francisco, working odd jobs. One stint was running the light show at the Fillmore. I remember her returning to Grosse Pointe with vinyl by newcomers Dylan, Joplin, Jefferson Airplane. I was duly impressed by her and this new music.

In the early 70's, we shared a flat on infamous 4th Street, and I met many of her very cool friends. (You know who you are!)

In the late 70's Di joined me in Los Angeles, where she worked for Van Halen in their heydey, touring with them. She returned to Michigan, proofreading for a publishing company and Metro Times. She spent her last decade in a small farming town in southern Illinois, where our cousins cared for her.

We will have a memorial service for Diane when our parents return to Michigan this summer. Her Detroit friends plan to have a get-together before then. We'll post details.

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