Charlie Gorevitz. b.08/5/40. d.04/07/01

The Memorial took place at:

Noon -1:00PM
Wednesday, April 11th 2001
Hebrew Memorial

Oak Park, MI 48237
Shiva/Wake/pot luck was at Marvin 'Surowitz's

I liked Charlie - what was there not to like? He was a sweet man.

Exiting after the ceremony, Sylvia Inwood said, "That must have been one of the most upbeat Jewish funerals I've ever been to."
To start with, the rabbi told the congregation that because they inferred sadness - eulogies were not permitted during Passover. He then said addressed Charlie's 'Unconventional' lifestyle and made some reference - I presume unintended - which could be construed as Charlie's love of the herb. This sent those who knew Charlie well into fits of laughter.

Here are a few hasty pictures I took at the memorial


Bethany, Michael, Friend, Ralph, Sylvia, Ari

Marvin Surowitz

Friends taking their leave...

Friends taking their leave...

Roberta (Bobbi) says, 
"The event was definitely a CHARLIE PARTY in every sense of the word. Personally, it lifted the deep deep sorrow that I have been carrying all these long months of Charlie's suffering."

Here are some pictures generously offered by Charlie's daughter Andrea:


Goodbye Charlie Gorevitz - you're gonna be missed!

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