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Bradley Jones Exhibition, 2001 Sep. 7, 2001
At the Center Galleries, Michelle Spivak - Director

Create a great event and everyone will come. That's what happened at the Center Galleries for the Bradley Jones Exhibit, at any rate. Walking through the crowded space during the reception was like walking back into the past, except everyone had stepped into an aging machine and stepped out a little more wrinkled, a few more gray hairs.
Here are a few picture that I took during the show. Unfortunately, too many people, not enough digital space in the camera; I apologize to those who should have been included in this ensemble.

Bob Benidict (Benny) at Bradley's show

Michelle Spivak - Director of the Center Galleries at CCS.

Betty Brownlee, artist, musician.

Dennis & Jackie Pruss with Ari Prospero Goodland.

Dennis Nawrocki.

Dianne Alva.

Gilda Snowdon.

Hope Palmer.

Karen Tardiff, Billy Ebersberger, Sharon Newton.

Laura's Clan. (Names anyone?)

Maurice Greenia.

Robin Summers.

Sandy Zenisek, painter.

Theresa Herron & David Snow

Tony Williams