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Kathy Zak
Interviewer - amongst others, the early Freezer Theater group (Tape available.)

Kathy Zak (Formerly Kathleenann Zakrzewski )says:

I never thought too much about these days past until now.  I was never a part of any one geocentric tribe.  I mingled with all of them because I was a writer and wanted to know and experience as many people and things as possible.  These were extremely lean days for everyone and I was probably trying to decide if I should continue to look for a job in Detroit, or go live with my mother, now settled in Houston.  Good thing I left, though, because I started working for Warner-Elektra-Atlantic in Houston on March 25, 1980.  I was the first female marketing specialist for a major record label in the US.  I got a gold record from Elektra for my work on Urban Cowboy later that same year.  Despite all my connections, I never would have gotten a break like that in Detroit.  Obviously, another story.

Note: Kathy   did interviews on tape with the "Freezer Theater", The band "Adrenalin" in 1978 and pianist  Russ Sumner.

Text Box: Twenty-Three years later, with my cousin, Gillian, on a trip to Colorado, May 2002