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John Egner Mural Threatened
Information below...

Peter Werbe writes:
Dear Friends,

I have just been informed that one of Detroit's most important and treasured public art murals is in peril.  John Egner's Untitled mural (1974) on the north wall of the Park Shelton Apartment building (corner of Woodward and Kirby Streets) is scheduled to be covered by an expansion of the building's parking structure.  There will be a Public Hearing on this subject TONIGHT, Wednesday, December 12 (hearing at 5:30, mural issue at 6:30 p.m.) at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Building on the 13th Floor (corner of Woodward and Jefferson).  Anyone who can be there to support and defend public art in Detroit is encouraged to attend.
John Egner
Untitled Mural, 1974
Park Shelton Apartments, north wall, Woodward Avenue at Kirby Street

"This ninety-six-foot-high wall painting, according to former Wayne State University art professor, John Egner, who now lives and works in New York, was conceived as an entrance into the Cultural Center.  Because of its vast size, it can be seen for more than a mile away.  What appears close up as a patch-work quilt of systematically placed colored squares seems to read from a distance like a bird's-eye view of Woodward Avenue, curving toward downtown and framed by rows of tall buildings.  Thus, the artist has made it possible for Woodward Avenue travelers to reach the Cultural Center and downtown visually long before they actually arrive there.  Despite the recent and commendable re-painting that renewed the mural's intricate play of colors and shapes, the addition of the name of the building at the top has altered Egner's original composition."

Don't let the Park Shelton kill what's left of this amazing mural!  Please show your support by attending tonight's public hearing - or - write a letter of support!!!  Send letters by fax ASAP to:

Susan McBride
City of Detroit Historic District Commission
FAX: 313-224-1310
TEL: 313-224-6536

Thank you for your consideration.
Kind regards,
Michelle Perron