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Main Page pictures, 2008

David Snow, 1999
David Snow died peacefully in the hospice, about 3pm today, Oct 23rd

Tony Williams passes away


08/21/08 - Rebecca Romine just called to tell me that Jim Kennedy, former president of "The Truckers" has passed away.
He died from liver and kidney failure on August 19th, 2008 at Henry Ford Hospital. He was 60 years old. Details for memorial will follow as I receive the information.
If you have any comments, remembrances or info, please place them here.

Becky further informs us that Jim's memorial will be at:
The Old Miami , Thursday Aug 28th, 6:00pm - 11:00pm


Skip Raspurry's "Skippers Stray Dog Saloon" 1980's
Skipper's Stray Dog Saloon - a major hang-out for the art tribes in the 80's...more

Check out Manfred Kohl's Finka Bosque YouTube presentation


Information has reached us that Matt Blake, artist musician extraordinaire -  passed away May 9th from a massive heart attack. Click for memorial details.
If you have any info, memories, thoughts, please place them here.

Matt Blake and Kristen Peplinski at the 4th Street Fair 2006

Picture by Lowell Boileau

Click for more info on The Lords
Bands of the Cass Corridor
Lords behind U.U.Church-Kim Berg, Jim -Thunder_ Theile,
Ralph Koziarski, Keith Buchanan, Dennis Pruss, George Kerby

Pictures sent by Dennis Pruss

Paul.Hostetter, Bill.Nodgson, John.Egner, David.Opatik

Bill Hodgson, Shadowfax, 1980's - pictures by Dennis Pruss

John Egner mural threatened

  Main Page pictures, 2007