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Small World Cafe
1993 - 2004
Small World Cafe - Rita Ahluwahlia stands in back

Last day - Friday July 30th, 2004 - That was the day they closed down the Small World Cafe.
Rita Ahluwahlia - the owner of this excellent establishment is walking around, talking to her patrons much as she would any other day of the year as they enjoy a repast of chicken curry, salad and a cookie.
Amongst the secrets to Rita's successful restaurant is no doubt the rice recipe which must have been handed down from the Peacock Restaurant in Dearborn, where her parents have run an Indian restaurant for many years.
Another ingredient is consistency. You could be sure of a satisfying meal every time you dined at the Small World Cafe.

Now it is to fade into the past, a memory. No more shall we spontaneously meet friends, employees - like so many prisoners let out of the bowels of the Detroit Institute of Arts on temporary parole - to relax, meet friends and eat a good lunch.

Rita - Seattle boundWhy is it closing? The rumors fly - all unsubstantiated. Some say the new director of the International wants her family members to run a restaurant there. Others say the rent went too high. All speculations are enjoyable, and in the good tradition of the gossipy Corridor.

Rita? "Perhaps I'll go to Seattle." She says, whimsically.
OK Rita, have a great time - you can check out any time you want - but you can never leave.


Sylvia Inwood and Ari Goodland

Chris Tayler

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Addendum - from the message board of Lowell Boileau's AtDetroit.com:

Posted on Monday, August 09, 2004 - 3:46 pm: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just called the International Institute to find out when the new restaurant will open; I wanted to make sure there would be an eatery there when school starts back for me after Labor Day. The lady who answered said that the restaurant opened today, and that it is called the INTERNATIONAL MINI CAFE. Similar cuisine as the Small World.